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TM 55-1510-222-10 display to nearest tenth of a degree. (g)   Drift angle: Data selector - HDG/DA. Observe   drift   angle   appears   in   right   data   display   to nearest degree. (h)   Wind  speed  and  direction:  Data  selector  - WIND. Wind  direction  appears  in  left  data  display  to  nearest degree   and   wind   speed   appears   in   right   display   to nearest knot. (i) Desired track angle: Data selector - DSRTK/STS. Observe   desired   track   angle   in   right   data   display   to nearest degree. (j) Track angle error: Data selector - XTK/TKE. Observe  track  angle  error  appears  in  right  data  display to nearest degree. (k)   Cross     track     distance:     Data     selector     - XTK/TKE. Observe cross track distance appears in left data display to nearest nautical mile. (I) Distance  and  time  to  next  waypoint:    Data selector - DIS/TIME. Observe distance to next waypoint, shown in TO side of TO-FROM    display,    appears    in    left    data    display    to nearest   nautical   mile.      Observe   time   to   reach   next waypoint at present groundspeed, appears in right data display to nearest tenth of a minute. (m)  Extra  precision  geographic  present  position display: 1. Data  selector  -  L/L  POS.    Latitude  and longitude of present position, to nearest tenth  of  a  minute,  appears  in  left  and right data displays, respectively. 2. INSERT/ADVANCE pushbutton - Press. Observe arc-seconds related to present position latitude and  longitude,  to  nearest  tenth  of  a  second,  appear  in left and right data displays, respectively. (n)   Geographic present inertial position display. 1. Data selector - L/L WY PT. 2. HOLD   pushbutton   -   Press.      Observe HOLD  pushbutton  annunciator  illuminates,  latitude  and longitude of present inertial position to a tenth of degree appear in left and right data displays, respectively. NOTE While HOLD pushbutton annunciator is  extinguished,  TACAN  updates  are inhibited. 3. INSERT/ADVANCE pushbutton - Press. Observe  arc-second  related  to  present  inertial  position latitude   and   longitude,   to   nearest   tenth   of   a   second, appears in left and right data displays, respectively. 4. HOLD pushbutton - Press. Observe   INS   returns   to   normal   operation   and   HOLD pushbutton annunciator extinguishes. (o)   UTM present inertial position display: 1. Data selector - UTM WY PT. 2. HOLD pushbutton - Press. Observe    HOLD    pushbutton    annunciator    illuminates. Northing  and  zone  with  easting  of  the  present  inertial position   in   kilometers   appear   in   left   and   right   data displays, respectively. NOTE While HOLD pushbutton annunciator is   illuminated,   TACAN   updates   are inhibited. 3. INSERT/ADVANCE pushbutton - Press. Observe    extra    precision    values    related    to    present inertial  position  northing  and  easting,  to  nearest  meter, appear in left and right data displays, respectively. 4. HOLD pushbutton - Press. Observe   INS   returns   to   normal   operation   and   HOLD pushbutton annunciator extinguishes. 3-57

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